Kids Karate In Sugar Land

ALL kids Should Learn Goju-Ryu Karate Early In LIFE and learn these valuable Lessons. Our kids karate Program in Sugar Land is the BEST in the Area


How and when should your child learn Self-Discipline?

Habits re formed early in life. Nothing great can ever be accomplished without this invaluable personal quality of self-discipline. As children commit to work towards achieving the priceless, coveted black belt, as they learn and master karate skills in many levels they also learn many LIFE valuable lessons of setting and achieving short and long term goals early in life, one step at a time.

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Want your Child to have more Self-Confidence?

when kids are short in self-confidence and they will also lack in other areas of their lives like in school, not many friends, they get picked on at school and are easy traget for BULLIES…
When you enroll your child in our Martial arts for Kids in Sugar Land, he or she will get physically and mentally stronger and learn valuable Self-defense skills. Your child will quickly increased his or her self-confidence in noticeable in a short time. It will show in the way they speak, how they handle themselves, and the way they interact with other people. We build their confidence with positive encouragement, making them stronger, teaching them new skill as they mastered learned ones. A confident child, capable child is a healthy one.

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Does your Child Need a little more Self-Esteem ?

when children are lacking in self-esteem, they walk with their heads down, don’t do well in school, don’t have many friends and easy target for the BULLies in the school. Self-Worth is a by- product of self-discipline and self-confidence. As children develop and understand these two traits, they will naturally be happier and gradually become independent. Our kids Karate program in Sugar Land and the Belts reward system helps kids set goals and achieve success, and keeps them motivated while developing a sense of pride in their accomplishment as they get physically and mentally stronger. In a matter of a few short months they start walking tall and with their heads with the feeling of pride and confidence.

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When Should Kids get started with a Fitness program ?

Kids can start learning about fitness from 4 years and up. The earlier the better. Whens kids lack in fitness they also lack in school performance. Many studies have proven results thats kids that are great physical shape do better in school than kids who don’t exercise.
in today’s competitive and stressful world, brain power is not enough. The key is to develop mental and physical balance. As children are busy learning exciting self-defense skills, they naturally develop their motor skill, such agility, flexibility, strength, speed, and cardiovascular endurance. Physical development is part the foundation for a healthy long life. Our FUN karate and kickboxing martial art style is structure to develop both side of the brain and body.

A FIT Body is a Sound Mind. Get your child Moving Today and SIgn Up for a FREE Fitness Karate class Today!!

You want your kids to Leadership Skills early in life ?

You have heard or read many times. ” We need leaders”. An essential quality of any organization is strong leadership. At the Traditional Karate Center, we placed great emphasis on developing skills such as mental toughness, self-reliance, loyalty, integrity, courage, sound judgment, respect, and communication skills. We build strong kids with leadership mind fullness for the future.


Should Your Kids go to Competition ?

we encourage the kids who are ready and capable to participate in competition. Our program is a double goal competition program: Learning to WIN early in Life and learning life Lessons. Not like many modern sports that are just focus on winning. We focus on making good efforts to win and learn by competing. Winning or losing are both opportunities to learn. In our program no body sit on the bench we all participate.
Throughout the year, we offer students opportunity to challenge themselves and compete with our Team locally, and nationally. Students feel enormous amount of pride for team. Competition teaches many lessons such dealing with losing and the excitement of winning and dealing with disappointment early in life. We the only Karate program in Sugar Land for kids Sanctioned by the United States of America Karate Do Federation under the USA olympic Committee.